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1. ____ of students participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program

2. ____ or more of students at some schools are on the lunch program

3. ____ of families in Brevard County living below the poverty level *

4. ____ of families make this choice: food or paying utilities *

5. ____ of families have children skip meals - not enough money for food *

6. ____ of families make this choice: food or paying rent / mortgage *

7. The Children's Hunger Project provides kid-friendly food for hungry children on Fridays during the school year that is ________

8. Poor nutrition leads to __________

9. A well-nourished child will show marked improvement in ________

10. Cost to The Children's Hunger Project for a package of food for one child each weekend for the entire 38-week school year is ________



(a) 11%

(b) one hundred and fifty dollars

(c) 11%

(d) lightweight and easy for kids to handle since no cooking is required

(e) school attendance, better test scores, improved reading skills, positive behavior

(f) More than 50%

(g) a weaker immune system, difficulty in learning and paying attention in class

(h) 49%

(i) 55%

(j) 80%


* Second Harvest Food Bank client data


Correct Answers

1. f        2. j        3. a        4. i        5. c        6. h        7. d        8. g        9. e        10. b


















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