Alice and Doug spend the holidays fixing the TCHP delivery truck!

 Truck Photo

A fully functional truck is vital to our business of delivering food to schools all over the county.  We have an older truck that we do our best to care for, and our regular driver, Tim Brown (pictured volunteer), does an excellent job of keeping up on maintenance and documenting any issues.

The box on the back of our truck developed some leaks.  Water from rain comes in, and the wooden floor boards started to rot. 

Alice and DougTO THE RESCUE! Alice Healey, our Operations Director, her husband Doug (who volunteers for us often) and their neighbor spent a good part of their holiday break removing and replacing the floor of our truck!  This was no small task since quite a few of the bolts holding the old floor in place were stripped and had to be cut out. 

Part of this involved them isolating and repairing where the leaks were happening, to stop any further damage. We had places where you could actually see the road when standing inside the back of the truck.  The wood had rotted all the way through and would only get worse.

Thank you to Alice and her team for going above and beyond the call of duty, which seems to be the normal course of business around here.  We have a great team!


 Truck floor new

 Revamped TCHP  truck floor



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