Brevard School Board chooses Dr. Mark Mullins as next superintendent

Dr. Mark Mullins BPS School Board 580 2Brevard County School Board members voted to select Dr. Mark Mullins as the next Superintendent of Schools.Dr. Mark Mullins has worked for the Brevard school district since 1994. He started as a math teacher at Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High and rose through the ranks as an assistant principal of Southwest Middle School and Palm Bay High School and then the principal of the now closed Clearlake Middle School. For six years, he oversaw the 29 schools and principals in the south part of the county as an area superintendent.

Dr. Mullins is keenly aware of the impact of our program on school children, and has said "Not only does the certainty of having food after the school week is over provide the basic essential needs of students to remain focused on learning all week long; perhaps another unanticipated outcome is it serves as a motivator to actually keep kids in school."



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