/, Good News/Feed 500 Campaign: Just $12.50 per month!

Feed 500 Campaign: Just $12.50 per month!

Feed 500 Campaign: Just $12.50 per month!

Because of the support of so many, The Children’s Hunger Project is feeding 2,000 children who a package of food to ensure that they do not go hungry over the weekends. We now serve 46 schools! Now is the time to ensure kids don’t need to be on a waitlist for weekend food packets.

Teachers tell us that the need is nearly 4,000 children who are at risk of weekend hunger. To address this unmet need join our Feed 500 Campaign. For just $12.50 each month you can feed a child for the entire school year on the weekends – just 42 cents per day!

Thank you for supporting, donating, volunteering and making our kids a beneficiary! YOU give hungry children in Brevard HOPE!

Join our campaign to feed a hungry child in Brevard
Imagine a child who, for the most part, has the hopes and dreams of a typical ten-year-old. However, the odds in life are stacked against this child, since mom is working to make ends meet as a single parent, or a responsible guardian may not be present.  This child may often have little food in the house, or they may be homeless. Children who are eligible for free breakfast and lunch at school can find that lunch on Friday is their last real meal until returning to school on Monday morning. That is almost 70 hours without nutrition.

It’s common knowledge among teachers that kids coming to school hungry on Monday are more prone to behavioral outbursts due to hunger.  Research shows these children will also test 17% lower in math skills, are sick more often, and take longer to recover because of poor nutrition.  Over 50% of students in Brevard County are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program at school. This statistic is important because this is the key indicator of hunger and poverty in a geographic area. Currently, The Children’s Hunger Project serves 1500 children each weekendYour support can create a level playing field when it comes to success in school.

Please consider making a monthly tax-deductible gift to help us fight child hunger in Brevard.  You can make your gift online or through the mail as a recurring donation. Challenge your friends and work associates to join this campaign. It will make a difference in the lives of children in Brevard.


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