In a year when running while masked is the norm, the 2021 Fight Child Hunger 5K Run/Walk was an amazing success! David Brubaker of Central Brevard Sharing Center kicked off the even with a beautiful National Anthem, while The Childrens’ Hunger Project’s Tammy Shelley led the warmup. Even with a chill in the air, the sky was beautiful and participants enthusiastic! Volunteers, vendors and sign holders encouraged the 5K runners, walkers and rollers every step of the way. Many thanks to the sponsors, teams and volunteers who helped ensure our success, meaning it’s a success for local children at risk of hunger. Thanks to our Honorary race chair, Mara Bellaby of FLORIDA TODAY, and to Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Mullins for their attendance and support for this 5K.

Fight Child Hunger 5K Overall Results 2021

Fight Child Hunger 5K Age Group Results 2021

Fight Child Hunger 5K Fastest Team Results 2021

There were representatives from nearly 40 schools in Brevard, from elementary to universities; notably, Edgewood, Merritt Island and Viera High; Palm Bay, Lockmar, Surfside and Cambridge  Elementary; Pinecrest Academy; Florida Tech, Eastern Florida State College and University of Central Florida.

Fight Child Hunger 5K School Participation Results 2021 (download)


1. Edgewood Jr/Sr High

2. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Community

3. Palm Bay Elementary

4. Faith Viera Lutheran Church

5. Todd Thomas Home

6. Renco Warriors

7. Lockmar Knights

8. Cambridge Cougars

9. Hope to Finish

10. Tisha Howard / Raymond James

11. Pirtek

12. Space Coast Parrothead Club

13. Jacobs Space Operations Group

14. Hells Bells

Did you know that 62% of teachers know of at least one child that is coming to school hungry?  We need to fix this.  And we CAN fix this!  Your commitment to join  the Race to End Childhood Hunger along with other local businesses, congregations, teams and individuals helped feed children in our community at risk of hunger.  See you in 2022!


Susan Blakeslee


Click to download 5K Safety Protocols

A Community Approach

We are re-opening events and making them smoother and safer for everyone. We will work closely with local health officials and Brevard County to finalize an opening plan for organized Run/Walk events in a controlled and safe approach.

Best Practices for Runners

Below are the industry recommendations/considerations for our event:

Reducing Actual Event Participation

The Health First Fight Child Hunger 5K event scheduled for Saturday January 16th is expected to have 200-300 participants. We can socially distance all participants, volunteers and the race staff the entire morning so there will not be any group larger than 50 people at any one time during the entire morning.

Pre-Race Communication

We will incorporate all the additional safety protocols. In addition, we will recommend that anyone in an at-risk category select the Virtual option until things return to normal. The following questions will be asked. Anyone answering yes please stay home:

  • Have you been exposed to anyone that has or had COVID-19 in the past two weeks?
  • Are you experiencing any Symptoms of COVID-19 including dry cough, fever or trouble breathing?

Location of Event and Course

Viera High School is a large venue that can be easily used to spread out participants before and after the race. Safe social distancing guidelines can be maintained. In our opinion, the highest risk of holding the event is at the start of the race. The start line is typically where all participants line up together prior to the start of the race for last minute instructions and safety guidelines about the course, proper pacing, where previously a large group of people are NOT practicing proper social distancing. We have a new start approach that will minimize crowding.

Our event was scheduled to start at 8:00 am. Instead, we will implement a “rolling” start at 8:00 am and will continue having participants start for 5 minutes from 8:00 am until 8:05 am.

New Start Line Approach

Our event was originally scheduled to start at 8:00 am. Instead of having our standard start at 8:00 am, we will implement a “rolling” start at 8:00 am and will continue having participants start for 5 minutes from 8:00 am until 8:05 am. We will assign all participants a 1-minute window, based on pace per mile, so the start will have participants starting throughout the 5 minutes and will be able to practice safe social distancing at the start of the race. We will also have a “monitor” to ensure participants are following the spacing guidelines at the start. Pre-race instructions will be in our Last-Minute Instructions sent to all participants prior to race day.

Vendor Area

Vendor area will be limited and will be set up in the parking area. All participants will be required to wear masks and advised to socially distance while visiting. The area will be monitored to ensure guidelines are followed and masks will be distributed to those who do not have one.

Packet Pickup & Registration

For each of our events, we have packet pickup and registration at Running Zone, the week prior to race morning. We now require all packet pickup and registration prior to race morning. No packet pickup or registration will be allowed on race morning. (This eliminates a touch point between volunteers and participants as well as congregating in these two areas.)


Park per the designated locations and do not arrive to the start area until their assigned start window. (There is ample parking in so this also will allow for spreading out the participants throughout the morning.)

Protective Face Coverings

New regulations and concerns are shaping the type of gear that runners need. We ask runners to wear a mask, face covering or buff at the start of the race and at the race site after finishing. All other attendees (vendors, event staff, volunteers) are required to wear a mask during the event.

Aid and Fluid Stations

We encourage runners to bring their own fluids to hydrate prior to, during and after the event. We will only hand out bottled water at one aid station on the course and at the race site finish line and volunteers will wear gloves.

Volunteer Safety and Recommendations

Typically, volunteers meet at the race site approximately an hour before the race start for volunteer instructions. This will now be done in advance of race morning with a volunteer coordinator of TCHP. We will communicate clearly what protective equipment (masks, gloves, hand sanitizer) we are providing, and what their volunteers should bring. We will create volunteer guidelines that can be viewed or printed from home so all volunteers can be prepared for their responsibilities before race day. Lastly, we will recommend anyone in a higher risk demographic should not volunteer at the event.

Spectator Guidelines

Spectators are a highlight of race day. Our plan is to limit areas that allow spectators and to only allow participants in areas that are already likely to be crowded by participants, such as the start corral and food and drink areas. The race announcer will make announcements periodically to remind spectators about guidelines and government regulations. Compliance from spectators will be challenging, but manageable. We will have volunteers and staff assigned to help enforce the social distancing guidelines throughout the morning for both participants and spectators.

Finish Line

Racers tend to want to STOP at the end of a race. Moving them quickly into other areas will help eliminate slowdowns at the finish line area. We will have volunteers/staff at the finish line to help facilitate moving quickly through the finish line area into the large open fields/parking areas.

Awards and Results

We will only post results electronically on our race site during and after the race and will not have an awards presentation at the race site. (Award winners can pick up their awards at Running Zone after the race at their convenience or we will ship as requested.)

Post-race Refreshments

Post-race refreshments are a staple of race day. Until things return to normal, we will offer limited items at the event distributed by volunteers wearing gloves and protective face coverings. The pancake breakfast will be served “Grab-n-Go” style.

Post-Race Clean Up

To help keep our volunteers and staff safe, we will provide gloves for everyone so they don’t have to physically touch things and clearly assign volunteers to areas of responsibility to keep them spread out throughout the race venue.

We think the above safety protocols and pre-cautions will minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. With the above additional safety measures in place, we feel that we can safely hold the 2021 Fight Child Hunger 5K. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss our approach to holding our first post-COVID-19 event. The Fight Child Hunger 5K is a wonderful community event and fundraiser and this would help the residents of Brevard County start to feel we are on the road to recovery.

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