Rock Paper Simple

Partnering with Rock Paper Simple has been an amazing experience, working with a passionate team of expert individuals who translated our organization’s purpose into a beautiful, durable website.

With a diverse and passionate team, their talents encompass branding, marketing, graphic design, development, copywriting, videography, photography, and more. In fact, their 1,200 ft video studio is among the largest in Brevard! The array of creative departments and hardworking marketing managers allow the RPS team to meet the needs of their clients and community partners. To view their impressive portfolio, Click here.

A core value at Rock Paper Simple is Community. “Making a positive difference in the community can take many forms, and it is amazing the number of lives that can be changed if we work together”, says Diana Adams, Community Engagement Coordinator at RPS. The company gives back to their community regularly through their annual grant program and partnerships. Local nonprofits can apply for the RPS Gives Back Grant and receive a branding or website package to help them grow and reach more people. (You can apply here.)

Additionally, RPS partners with countless organizations and nonprofits each year to serve the Brevard community, including TCHP (pictured above with a Jersey Mike’s lunch supporting TCHP during the Month of Giving). They also created The Galactic Fundraiser, an event benefiting a chosen nonprofit – the first Galactic Fundraiser benefited TCHP! Whether they are volunteering their time, energy, resources, or talents, the RPS team is always looking for ways to give back.

As much as it is a team of talented professionals, Rock Paper Simple is a family where everyone’s input is valued, and decisions are made together. As they work hard to serve their clients with dedication and produce high-quality products, the team finds ways to connect and have fun, too.


Q: Where’d the name, Rock Paper Simple, come from?

A: “It was 3 am, and the domain was available!”, is the fun answer, but truly we wanted the word “simple” in it to represent our commitment to keeping things as simple as possible, but we also wanted a fun agency that we enjoyed going to work to each day… and what’s more fun than a game, even a game as simple as Rock Paper Scissors.