Victory Church and Thrivent created a victory for hungry children in Brevard

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Victory Church, Victory Kid Sports and Thrivent Financial teamed up
to pack food because no child should go home hungry.

Victory Church and Victory Kids Sports brought volunteers, resources, and food supplies to help further the cause of feeding hunrgy kids on weekends, with the determination: "Let’s upgrade a child’s life" The Children’s Hunger Project serves thousands of kids who go home hungry everyday from school. No child should ever have to experience hunger. Thrivent Financial, who partnered to help hrough their Live Generously Program, believes in "See a need? Meet a need." and has been an ongoing supporter of The Children's Hunger Project. Food was bought, paid for, and packed by Thrivent, and representatives of Victory Church.

Victory Church representatives were also invited to a memorial plaque unveiling in memory of Dr. Hans Bruckner, who included the Children’s Hunger Project in his will. Those dollars will be used to further the reach of this organization and impact more hungry children.

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