Volunteer Spotlight

The commitment and dedication of volunteers are critical to hungry kids and our everyday operations. From packing to heavy lifting, to letter writing and making phone calls, to helping with event setup and breakdown, AND through sharing our story with the public, we are deeply grateful to have these volunteers as part of our organization. If you would like to be part of our volunteer team, click here


Leigh Hinton, Truck Loading Volunteer

Leigh Hinton is one of two volunteers who loads the bins full of food onto our truck.  Leigh does this twice a month.  Although we have a pallet jack and there is a lift on the back of the truck there is some heavy lifting involved.  Each bin weighs about 60lbs.

Leigh works for Blue Marlin Real Estate and is the Food & Beverage Manager at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club.  His regular volunteering for The Children's Hunger Project is much appreciated.  It is easy to assume that the truck gets loaded by itself, but that simply does not happen.  Without volunteers like Leigh we would be hard pressed to deliver the food to 1500 children each week.

Thank you Leigh!  We truly appreciate what you do to help the children we serve!

Leigh Hinton
Lynne Hunter

Lynne Hunter, Food Delivery Coordinator

"I’m the coordinator of the wonderful people who volunteer time to deliver packaged food to schools throughout Brevard County each week.

With a degree in elementary education from University of Florida I’ve taught in both Miami and here in Brevard. I enjoyed being able to work with the children without all the other burdens that teachers deal with every day.  I am keenly aware of how what happens in the home has a great influence on what happens in the classroom.  

The children who come to school in the morning from a home with a nurturing environment have a positive attitude, ready to meet new challenges.  A child who is hungry or tired or worried is at a disadvantage before the first bell rings on Monday morning. When I first heard of The Children’s Hunger Project, I knew I’d found a way that I could  continue to help children in a truly meaningful manner.  I’ve seen the effect hunger has on children's lives and am proud to be involved with an organization that provides such a vital service."

Sam Litzenberg, Packing Volunteer

"I have been home-schooled since second grade. I LOVE home-schooling, and the freedom it offers. I have so many life experiences every day!! We recently traveled to the mountains of North Carolina with my home-school group. Also, we go to music events, theater, the zoo, parks and museums. I am interested in computers and enjoy taking classes in programming and coding. I often have on-line, webinar, and web-cast extra-curricular classes.

I have been a Boy Scout since May 2014, with Troop 309, at Satellite Beach United Methodist church. I LOVE Scouting for the camaraderie, camping and opportunities to learn about all kinds of new things!!! Through Scouting, I have met many, many new friends from all over Florida, and beyond.

I first became aware of The Children's Hunger Project at a packing event in 2013. I think it is a very important cause, and other children need to know that someone cares about them, and the packing work events have terrific people and it is ALWAYS great fun!!! Luke 12:48 reads: 'when someone has been given much, much will be required in return'. I know that I am expected to help wherever and whenever I can. At our family meals I pray 'Thank You for this food, and I wish everyone had as much!' I have been encouraged from a very early age to help and serve others."

Paula Dawson Paula Dawson, Office Volunteer

"I knew I wanted to get involved in something worthwhile.  Given my background in schools and food, The Children's Hunger Project was a great fit! My first career was as an elementary school teacher, then I worked with Olive Garden Restaurants helping them grow from one restaurant into a major corporation. I retired in 2001 as the Senior Vice President of Operations in charge of 103 restaurants.

I volunteer two days a week helping in the office, doing everything from writing thank you letters to our donors, to inventory. I serve as Chair of the Prize Procurement Committee for our annual golf tournament and love being able to help children, while making an impact in my own back yard. The Children’s Hunger Project is a wonderful organization!"

(Paula pictured, second from left)

Tim Brown, School Deliveries and Packing Volunteer

Tim Brown is a familiar face throughout Brevard.  Tim  volunteers with many local charities - Meals on Wheels, Hospice of St. Francis, Senior Transerve and Volunteers in Motion among others. Tim and his wife, Cora frequently volunteer together.

Tim was drawn to our charity when he decided he wanted to assist children. He works with “Take Stock in Children”, a program for deserving low-income youth & students to escape the cycle of poverty through education. It was only natural for Tim to see how hunger affects a child’s ability to learn. Tim, a “Santa double”, is seen over the holidays dressed in his red suit  in  the Viera parade or at one of the local malls.



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