Your business can help feed local kids

    Dr. Mark Mullins BPS  

Not only does the certainty of having food after the school week is over provide the basic essential needs of students to remain focused on learning all week long; perhaps another unanticipated outcome is it serves as a motivator to actually keep kids in school.

~ Dr. Mark Mullins, Brevard School District South Area Superintendent


Our progress in five years as an organization helping provide nutrition to hungry kids has been encouraging.  However, there are many elementary schools and thousands of kids we are not yet able to help due to lack of funding.  There is a wait list for weekend backpacks at most of the schools we are already helping. Won't you and your organization add your support to feed hungry kids in Brevard?

dot There are 20 schools and thousands of kids in Brevard we are not yet serving due to needed  funding.

dot There is a wait list for weekend backpacks at many schools that we are already helping.

dot The number of children on the free and reduced-price lunch program at schools is increasing, not decreasing. 


dot Invite us to speak to your managers and employees to tell the story of hunger and malnutrition with local kids

dot Plan a packing event with us to raise awareness of the problem

dot Encourage an employee fundraiser. - click here for ideas

dot Donate 4 volunteer hours each week for one of your excellent employees to work in our office, on an ongoing basis, at a fixed weekly time

dot Corporate sponsorship and team participation in an event such as our "18 Holes FORE 18 Kids" annual golf tournament (Click here for details) or our 5k Run / Walk / Push  event in October (Click here to learn more)

dot Create a recurring line item in your yearly budget to help provide nutrition on weekends to hungry children in Brevard through The Children's Hunger Project - You can donate monthly or yearly

dot Bequeaths - Click here for more details

dot Join our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and share with your employees

dot Visit our website for stories of support for our kids. Write your story - we provide the "brag page" for recognition of your company's support



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