Children’s Hunger Quiz

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#1. What number of students participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program district-wide in Brevard?

More than 62% of students in Brevard County participate in the free and reduced-price lunch program.

#2. At some schools, _______% of the total student body are on the reduced/free lunch program.

Sadly, at some schools more than 90% of children are on the free or reduced-price lunch program.

#3. What percent of families in Brevard County living below the poverty level?

14% of families in Brevard County live below poverty level.

#4. What percent of families have to make the choice between food or paying utilities?

Approximately 55% of families often must choose between buying food or paying for basic household utilities.

#5. What percentage of families have children who skip meals because there is not enough money for food?

11% of families in Brevard have to make this heart breaking decision!

#6. What percent of families have to make the choice between food or paying rent / mortgage?

49% of families in Brevard are forced to make this difficult decision on a regular basis!

#7. The Children’s Hunger Project provides kid-friendly food for hungry children on Fridays during the school year that…

Children’s Hunger Project is dedicated to providing lightweight, easy to prepare foods that require no cooking to children in need.

#8. Poor nutrition leads to…

Studies show that poor child nutrition leads to a weaker immune system, as well as difficulties learning and paying attention in class.

#9. A well-nourished child will show marked improvement in…

It is proven that with proper nutrition a child’s school attendance will improve, they achieve better test scores and improved reading skills, and often they display more positive behaviors!

#10. What is the cost to feed one child, each weekend for the entire 38-week school year?

The Children’s Hunger Project is able to feed a child each weekend for an entire school-year with a mere $150 donation.

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