These key individuals are the backbone of
The Children’s Hunger Project:


Amy Boyson –  Amy is a graduate of the University of North Florida with a B.S. in Communications, focused on Public Relations.  Ms. Boyson has eleven years of experience in the communications/community relations field and is responsible for internal and external communication, community outreach and community awareness of Waste Management’s sustainability efforts in Central and North Florida.  She has been integral to our mission to promote awareness and fundraise to feed hungry kids on school weekends.

David Dischler – SEO Consultant, David Dischler, is the owner of WebX Design, and has been serving the Brevard County area and beyond in Search Engine Optimization and web design. He attended Louisiana State University, and we are fortunate to have him here in Brevard. Says Dave, “I get more happiness from inspiring others than business has ever given me!” Dave truly is “passionate, unstoppable, and focused”, and lends his passion to our organization to help end child hunger in Brevard.

Delores Spearman – Delores is truly one of the gems that make Brevard County a great place to live. With seemingly endless energy to help others, she works on behalf of people she will never meet to make their lives better through countless hours of hard work. Delores was one of four founders of Project Hunger through the United Way of Brevard, which feeds 1600 hungry kids each week during the summer months. It is clear that Delores is passionate about helping children. There is no doubt that thousands of children here in Brevard County have benefited by her hard work and visionary leadership.  

Jonathan Reed – Jonathan is the founder of Strategy First LLC, a local consulting firm helping organizations with strategic planning and management processes. He is an adjunct faculty member of the Florida Institute of Technology College of Business, where he teaches courses in management while earning his doctorate degree. Mr. Reed excels at driving business growth through strategy, innovation, and execution. Jonathan is a father of three boys and an active volunteer within the community.

Karen Montas Karen, one of the area’s best personal injury attorneys, has spent years in the forefront of charitable causes, including Junior League of South Brevard.  Her support of other charities that address children’s needs combined with being a mother of two enables Karen to provide valuable insight to our charity.

Kendall T. Moore Kendall is the managing partner of Rockledge based law firm Moore Eavenson Baughan, PLC, as well as Space Coast Strategy, Inc.  He attended University of Florida – Frederic G. Levin College of Law. Mr. Moore was educated in the Brevard County school system and as the father of two, he understands the importance of nutrition to a successful educational experience.

Larry Ciaccia Larry is President of Black River Advisors LLC, providing strategic and operational consulting services, He was CEO of AuthenTec until its sale to Apple. With a MBA from FIT to go along with his engineering degree, Larry’s business and technical background provide the right mindset for our efforts. Larry is a father of two and long time resident of Brevard County.

Maegen Anderson – COO at Brevard Health Alliance, Maegen has been working with BHA since 2014. She attended University of North Florida. Brevard Health Alliance has a  Pediatric Stay Strong campaign, focusing on staying ahead of medical needs, back-to-school necessities, and educating patients, which makes Maegen’s input to our organization invaluable.

Malak Hammad Determined to invest in her community, Malak is passionate about kindness.  She has given her time to numerous organizations, including The Children’s Hunger Project, Brevard Family Partnership, Junior Achievement, Women of Excellence and the Women’s Center. She spearheaded progress for youth with Malak’s Medical & Dental Warriors, champions women with Women United, and is integral to Counselors 4 Change, an organization dedicated to uplifting youth with mental health issues. She was described in a professional magazine as “confident, intelligent and a vivacious professional woman”.  She is the recipient of numerous “Women of Achievement” awards.  Malak brings keen business awareness qualities to our board.

Marci Bratman –

Rosy Ojha Rosy, an Account Executive with Ascendance Innovation, is a passionate, open-minded person who values simple acts of kindness. She is a firm believer that a warm smile or a few words of encouragement have the power to propel massive action. 

Known as a tenacious and determined business professional, her experience spans several industries including healthcare, lighting, and technology. She prides herself in being able to forge deep, meaningful and long-term collaborative relationships in all walks of life. 

Rosy is married and a mother of two amazing sons who have benefited from an exceptional education in the Brevard County school district. When not working, she builds in time to do the things that bring her joy and infuse her with energy. This can be reading a book, sharing a meal with a friend or traveling with family.

Samuel Jordan Sam is President of S&S Entertainment, Owner and Partner of Live Tanks Aquarium in Melbourne, Managing Partner/Consultant of 321 WebPrint, and one of the original co-founders of The Children’s Hunger Project. Sam is an active and devoted father, and his business background and success is combined with community involvement and charitable work.

Summerpal Kahlon Summerpal is Chief Medical Information Officer with Steward Health Care Network. He has an MS in Healthcare Informatics from University of Florida, and received his MD at University of Alabama School of Medicine. He applies modern information and communication technologies to transform the delivery of healthcare. Summerpal brings to our organization a keen awareness of the health impact of undernutrition.

Summit M. Shah Summit oversees the daily functions of Southeast Petro’s wholesale and retail businesses.  Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Tulane University combined with being a father of two young children, Summit brings the educational, business and parental knowledge needed to help our kids.

Tina Descovich Tina has spent many years as a marketing and communications professional, with experience managing large teams and strategic planning.  A graduate of Satellite High, Tina has two children in Brevard Public Schools and has long been a strong advocate for students and parents. In addition to volunteering at her children’s schools, she is a past president of Sally’s Friends and a past president of the Indialantic Elementary PTO.

Executive Director 

Keith Gee – Keith brings a long history, experience and proven track record across a broad range of non-profit organizations to our charity. Understanding the importance of volunteers and the critical work they perform, Mr. Gee serves as a volunteer himself with several organizations in Brevard County.

Operations Manager

Amanda Thurn – Amanda has been a fixture in the Space Coast Thanksgiving Basket Brigade, helping to grow the success of this volunteer effort which impacts hungry families. Adept at increasing sponsorships and donations, Amanda brings a strong background in utilizing volunteers and resources in the best way possible to help our kids.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Cheryl Cominsky – Cheryl brings with her a diverse background of customer service, operations and sales management to our project.  She has spent the past 15 years in a variety of volunteering roles as an advocate of children with a focus on faith-based organizations and has served on many boards and councils.  Cheryl began with our organization as a volunteer for nearly two years and accepted a move from part-time to full-time with our organization.

Office Manager  

Lori Mollnow – Lori relocated to Florida from Virginia, where she served as Executive Director of Colonial Heights Food Pantry and as a member of FeedMore’s Advisory Council.  Lori’s background includes human resource management, and brings to The Children’s Hunger Project a passion to serve the community, with a  focus on fulfilling the mission of ensuring all children in Brevard have adequate nutrition.

Media Coordinator

Sherry Burklew – Sherry maintains a historical archive of the successes and growth of The Children’s Hunger Project through the years. Creating and curating stories from a brief synopsis, she manages published content, ensuring upcoming events and end results receive recognition on social media. She believes childhood hunger in Brevard is a solvable problem in large part due to this organization.

Community Advisory Board 

Andy Ziegler

Chris Myers 

Dawn Reprogel  

Geo Ropert  – Geo is a national award-winning public relations and marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience in both public and private sectors, who founded Ropert and Partners, a public relations and marketing firm that provides services based on client needs. Geo helps organizations with communication strategies, to increase revenue, and raise awareness and resources for important causes and initiatives. Geo is a board member of the Government Affairs Committee – Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Brevard Advisory Committee for Eckerd. Geo previously served on the board of LEAD Brevard and was chairman of the Florida Coalition for Children’s statewide Communication Workgroup.

Jean-Yves Clerc – A retired businessman, JY is involved with a number of charitable endeavors and is a co-founder of The Children’s Hunger Project, Inc.

Jeff Salter – Jeff served in the USAF for over 25 years and is now a Vice President of a National Small Business as well as CEO of his own company. Having graduated from our nation’s “free lunch program” and witnessing children all over the world go hungry, Jeff has a deep and personal passion for “seeing a hungry child and feeding a hungry child”

Jennifer Cleveland – Jennifer’s background includes being a paramedic and personal trainer. When she became legally blind in 2009, everything changed causing her to redefine herself on every level. After training to become a yoga teacher and Thai massage practitioner, Jennifer and her guide dog Frank became community advocates promoting awareness of the visually impaired. She serves on the Board for the Center for the Visually Impaired, leading many fundraisers, and shares her story at numerous events. She was the keynote speaker at Women of Excellence. Her story is featured in numerous publications. Jennifer’s talent and compassion for others extend to her support of feeding hungry children in Brevard.

Kelly Damerow 

Lorraine Jones – Lorraine has been in advertising with several print medium in our community for a quarter century.  With her business and personal contacts, Lorraine has been a key element in helping us expand.  The hungry kids of Brevard County are already benefiting from her expertise.

Marty Ward – Marty is a Success Coach who shares her transformation strategies with other entrepreneurs. She coaches and moves entrepreneurs from struggling to being profitable. Her dynamic and engaging presentations are full of passion and impact, addressing both work and personal life.

Rachel McCreary – Rachel is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and proud Hurricane. She currently practices as a Civil Defense Trial Lawyer with a prominent defense firm. Rachel is involved in several charitable organizations, including the Junior League of South Brevard. She brings her legal acumen, love for helping others, and commitment to her community to The Children’s Hunger Project.

Sarah Brodax 

Sean Phelan – Sean provided the original website and email maintenance for us, and provided these services free of charge.  We have been fortunate to have his generosity and dedication to our mission.  Currently working with Harris Corporation, he is a father to a wonderful son. Sean is active in the religious and civic arenas,  all benefiting from his expertise.