Leave a legacy.

The Children’s Hunger Project was founded on the dedication and hard work of volunteers who believe that no child should go hungry on weekends. However, we cannot sustain our mission without financial support. That’s where you come in. By making a “planned gift” in your will or estate plan, you can ensure that the future of hungry children in our community is secure.

Imagine the impact you could make by leaving a legacy of hope for the children who need it the most. Your planned gift can be the key to providing nutritious meals to local children for years to come. It’s a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Don’t wait to make a choice. Take action now and support The Children’s Hunger Project in their mission to feed local hungry children on weekends. Together, we can create a brighter future for the children in our community.

It really is simple.

Outright gift – as simple as writing a check or giving property or stock to a charitable organization.  By donating to a The Children’s Hunger Project, Inc. during your lifetime, you receive an income tax deduction.  If the gift is given at your death, your estate may benefit from an estate tax deduction.

Or – Add The Children’s Hunger Project, Inc. as a beneficiary on your life insurance.  Gifting of life insurance proceeds can enable a donor to provide an “amplified” gift to the charity.  Additionally, there are generally no adverse tax consequences.

Leave a legacy.

Are you looking for a way to create a lasting impact on the world? Do you want to leave a legacy that will benefit generations to come? By partnering with an experienced estate planning attorney, you can turn your dreams into reality. With their expertise, you can explore a wide range of options to make a meaningful gift possible. Whether you want to support a cause close to your heart or provide for your loved ones, an estate planning attorney can help you achieve your goals. Don’t wait any longer to secure your legacy.

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