ATTENTION – ALL 2021 FOOD DONATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 17th FOR INVENTORY PURPOSES. Check back later for food drop-off schedule in January 2022. Thank you very much for ALL your food donations that help us feed children locally!

Food Drive flyer rev 102621


Chef Boyardee Single Serve Variety (Pull top 7.25oz)

Chocolate milk (Horizon 8 oz shelf stable)

Goldfish cheddar crackers or whole grain pretzels (ie: Pepperidge Farm. 74 oz)

Breakfast Bars (ie: Belvita or Zee Zee’s)

No NutButter (Wow Butter)

Graham crackers (ie: Teddy Grahams or Zee Zee’s Grahamz)

Sunflower seeds (ie: Zee Zee’s nut free protein 1-1.2 oz package)

Craisins (1oz box/1.16oz pouch)

Applesauce (no sugar added 6 pk) in individual plastic containers

Fruit cups in plastic individual containers – any variety

100% Apple or fruit/vegetable juice in individual boxes or pouches

Please call 321-610-1900 for donation drop-off to ensure someone is available to receive the items at The Children’s Hunger Project, 1855 W. King Street, Cocoa, FL 32926