Health and wellness for our community cannot be accomplished alone. That’s why we are so grateful for our not-for-profit community partners.

Partners like The Children’s Hunger Project, which provides weekend meals to ensure children have food at home during the school year and the summer months.

According to the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), 32.3% of Brevard’s residents identify as “food insecure,” which means they either have run out of food or are worried about running out of food.

For growing children, not having enough food to eat can lead to issues like a weakened immune system, learning challenges, and difficulty paying attention in school. And while Brevard Public School students can receive a free breakfast and healthy lunch during the school week, many go without food on the weekends.

In 2010, The Children’s Hunger Project served 27 children. Fast forward to 2023, they now serve more than 3,900 children at more than 50 schools weekly, with more than 1,600 community volunteers packing those meals each year.

Health First’s Viera Hospital leaders recently packed 1,000 meals for children in need at The Children’s Hunger Project in Cocoa Village.

So far in 2023, Health First associates have packed more than 12,000 meals. Most recently, leaders from Health First’s Viera Hospital (pictured above) had the honor of volunteering at The Children’s Hunger Project – packing 1,000 meals for children in need.

“Our leadership had an amazing experience, coming together to pack meals for local children at The Children’s Hunger Project,” said Dustin Boring, Viera Hospital Administrator. “Collaborating with one of our community partners was a wonderful opportunity to give back and make a positive impact on the community.”

Since 2017, Health First has been a supporter of The Children’s Hunger Project. In addition to packing meals, we are the proud title sponsor of the Health First Fight Child Hunger 5K, an annual event benefiting the Central Brevard Sharing Center and The Children’s Hunger Project. All proceeds generated from this event directly contribute to funding weekend meals for children.

“Together, we can make a lasting impact, leveling the playing field for kids in need and ensuring a brighter future for our most vulnerable citizens,” said Cheryl Cominsky, Executive Director of The Children’s Hunger Project.