Idiot Strong Food Drive AND Street Party with Hot Pink on Friday night helped with over 1,000 more meal packages for hungry children locally!

Jason & Rebecca Estes, Owners of Village idiot Pub have long supported TCHP and other local charities with their fundraisers.  “It’s more to us than just a bar,” Rebecca said. “We’ve built a community.”

Altogether, including food donations, the Idiot Strong Food Drive & Street Party raised nearly $5,000! “We are encouraged by the generosity we see in our community in spite of the challenges encountered during these difficult times,” said TCHP Executive Director Cheryl Cominsky.

The number of children on the free and reduced lunch program is over 60% in Brevard County. In several schools that we serve, this number is 100%. With the help of local business like Village Idiot Pub, The Children’s Hunger Project can continue to provide vital nutrition to help children be successful in school and in life. Attendees donated:

322 containers of Chef Boyardee
1172 containers of Applesauce
884 fruit juice boxes
345 chocolate milk
1,129 breakfast bars
1,147 fruit cups
and more

Warmest thanks to Artwork by Eric LaMarr. His online auction of his artwork raised over $300!