The Children’s Hunger Project partners with United Way of Brevard every year to help feed kids during the summer, because…hunger doesn’t take a summer break. Right now we are helping at nearly 40 locations for almost 2,000 children. You’ll also find us distributing food packages at Court Kingz in Palm Bay (see below) on Friday nights, offering meals to older kids as well.
The United Way/TCHP Feed and Read program provides a meal and volunteers to read aloud to children. The program aims to reduce hunger and reading loss during the summer through providing nutrition, mentors for kids struggling with their reading, and free books.
Court Kingz is partnering with Palm Bay Police Department and the City of Palm Bay to host Court Kingz Streetball Nights, every Friday 5pm-10pm at Riviera Park, 550 Riviera Drive NE, June 11 through August 6.
Streetball Nights are free to attend. Kids ages 12-18 are encouraged to bring their best five players to compete against other teams. Individuals are also invited and will be put on pick-up teams.