If anyone deserves retirement fun, it’s Alice Healey. As the Director of Operations for The  Children’s Hunger Project, she has been vital to providing services for local hungry kids. She is pictured here surrounded by a caring family of TCHP volunteers.

Says Keith Gee, “Alice is so passionate about our mission, and really helped move this organization forward – working weekends, evenings, long hours, and doing heavy lifting. She is quick to volunteer. Alice truly embodies what our organization stands for.”

Her connection with Brevard Public Schools to provide packages of food each Friday to children who are undernourished, meant that as problems arose, they were quickly solved.

Alice, a Central Florida native, joined The Children’s Hunger Project in 2015  bringing her background in business management and history of being active with other Brevard County charities. Alice was a 2012 Volunteer of the Year, a nominee for the “Women in Excellence Award” through the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce. Alice and her husband Doug (who also volunteers for us often) along with their neighbor spent a good part of one holiday break removing and replacing the floor of the TCHP truck! This was no small task since quite a few of the bolts holding the old floor in place were stripped and had to be cut out. She is pictured here with her husband wearing her retirement hat courtesy of Lori Mollnow, Office Manager.

Thank you, Alice, for always going above and beyond the call of duty. You deserve a wonderful retirement! Send pictures!