Jaya Prakash Diabetes BookDr. Jaya Prakash was inspired to write this book based on her extensive understanding and personal experience. “DIABETES What’s the Big Deal?: In Plain English” was written not just for the diabetic, but for those wishing to take steps to avoid diabetes. Dr. Prakash had diabetes many years ago. It led to diabetic nerve pain, and with study and research she lost weight and reversed her diabetes. Her doctor subsequently took her off diabetes medication. She wants to help anyone with diabetes or pre-diabetes, and her contact information is in the book so that people can reach out to her.

Dr. Prakash is also with Kiwanis of Melbourne, an organization helping serve Brevard  for 95 years. Through Kiwanis, she discovered TCHP. Her desire to support feeding of hungry children locally was fueled by her knowledge that proper nutrition early in life can help with avoiding diabetes and heart issues in the future. Donating part of the sales of each book sold has resulted in a check being presented to TCHP, and she plans to continue donating through at least September, to support TCHP’s mission.

Click here to order DIABETES What’s the Big Deal?: In Plain English (Paperback or Kindle) . Your purchase helps feed more children in Brevard. One out of every three Americans may have pre-diabetes (at the very least), and one out of ten of these individuals do not know they have pre-diabetes.

Her website, Coachjaya4health and Facebook page were created with the objective of helping people better manage their weight and health through healthy habits. From a Space Coast Living article: Although a physician by training, Coach Jaya was the victim of diabetes, asthma, hypothyroidism, reflux and metabolic syndrome. She had [nearly] 100 lbs of excess weight, and had difficulty performing normal tasks such as climbing stairs. Jaya was searching for answers. She followed every “diet” there was, even consulted nutritionists and begged her doctors for answers, as the list of medications and the cost – financially, physically and emotionally – kept increasing. And then she found this clinically proven program that transformed her life. So, Coach Jaya became a certified health coach. She is living a life that she dared not imagine before.

Coach Jaya is free of medications and reversed metabolic syndrome. For a woman who could not step on a step stool before, she successfully completed (and in time for a medal) a Disney 10K. Coach Jaya is passionate about helping others to regain and maintain their health! That is how Coachjaya4health was started.