A very special event on February 11 highlighted the extraordinary efforts of The Children’s Hunger Project in collaboration with the community to help halt the  problem of weekend hunger for young children in Brevard County. Pastor Corky Calhoun of Georgianna UMC in Merritt Island stated in his speech, it’s a problem that can be quickly solved.

The heartfelt testimony of a  local 6th grade student captured our hearts as she shared the very real difference these simple packets make in the life of her family week-in and week-out. Here is what her school had to say about her presentation: “Palm Bay Elementary sixth grader Kaytee presented a powerful speech at the Love A Kid Luncheon. Kaytee worked really hard to blend just the right words together for this presentation, an invitation she was honored to accept. Kaytee received praise from the room FULL of community members, including School Board member Katye Campbell, Executive Director of The Children’s Hunger Project Keith Gee and Sara Almond of BPS Government and Community Relations. Congratulations on a job well done! #LilPirateProud of you, Kaytee!” Brevard Public Schools

Each week on Friday, The Children’s Hunger Project helps as many elementary school children as possible to carry food home for the weekend in their backpack. The Children’s Hunger Project serves over 2,000 local elementary school children in 46 schools throughout Brevard. Currently, if we could could double the number of children served we would still have an unmet need. Food packages cost about $4 each. $12.50 per month feeds one child on weekends for the entire school year!

All of our food is prepped and packed by volunteers and delivered to schools by volunteers. We operate out of donated warehouse space. That donation means more children served.

The Children’s Hunger Project works with nutritionists from Brevard Public Schools to ensure the children served are getting quality nutrition and though the packages of food keep improving, through creative purchasing and the kindness of business supporters, the cost of the packets has remained the same since 2010.

When kids return to school at the beginning of the week, it is with a better and healthier foundation for learning. The goal is to ensure that elementary school children, at least on weekends, will have basic weekend nutrition.

A special THANK YOU to Waste Management and Johnson & Montas, and our other lunch sponsors. To learn more about all our sponsors, view the video below.

Some comments about the event:

“Grateful to be part of an extraordinary and extremely dedicated group of volunteers, staff, Board members and community but sad that we have to be in existence at all. We came together to do great work today. There’s much more to do! Special shout to my beautiful friends who continually support me and all the causes that make our community better!”

“Beyond heart moving. I’m in love with this organization…thank you for opening up so many closed eyes.” Mic Payne

“I have had the privilege to run the Children’s Hunger Project 5K and today I attended their annual Love a Child Luncheon which calls on community members to come together to meet the over 2,000 children (1,000 on the waiting list) in Brevard county that would otherwise go hungry from lack of resources for food in the weekend. This is an amazing organization with above 80 % of all funds raised going directly to serving the needs of children in our county.” Shushana Vignier