The Kindergarten/TK class ( 5-7 year olds) in teacher Barbara Wilcox’s class at Tropical Elementary have a goal – to feed local hungry kids by reading books to earn money. The funds come from from families, friends, and acquaintances.

The class decided on this project after a conversation about World Kindness Day (Nov 13). They want to collect funds and have all their books read by then.

Evey and her father Stuart are pictured reading together to earn money. Evey  also did chores, and wanted to give the money to feed children, rather than keep it as her allowance.

Said Evey’s mother, “We have placed an envelope in the red folder with a contribution to the “Feed a Child” project. Evey has been doing additional chores around the house, and helping her dad and me with projects we have been working on here at home. When we explained to her that she has earned money for her hard work, she said she wanted to give it to a kid for food. This is a really good project. It is heart warming. Especially during these crazy times.”

Another student read over 20 books right away, earning $20. He is now up to 35 books! A brother of one of the students wanted to help out, and read 10 books to earn money for the Feed A Child for World Kindness Day project.

KINDNESS SYMBOL PACKING VOLUNTEERSSays Mrs. Wilcox, “These kids aren’t waiting to grow up to make a difference!!”

That’s not all!  Mrs. Wilcox, a regular volunteer with TCHP, and her class devised a Kindness Symbol after determining that as a class, school, community, and nation, more is needed to show kindness in our everyday lives. The Kindness Symbol shows Kindness all around, ongoing, never-ending, north/south/east/west, everywhere!

Having a recognizable, easy to recreate symbol will remind people to be kind. We already have and use symbols for love, peace, and happiness and a kindness symbol will add to our national focus of being kind. Click here to learn more.