Meet Sarah (name changed to protect her identity). Sarah is, for the most part, a typical ten year old girl.  She’s in the fifth grade and loves playing with her favorite doll.

Unfortunately, the odds in life are stacked against Sarah.  Her dad left shortly after Sarah was born and her mom has two jobs, making it difficult to provide care.  Sarah is often left to fend for herself and there is rarely enough food in the house to eat.

This heartbreaking statement is sadly true, and the ramifications are dire. Sarah is eligible for free breakfast and lunch at school.  Often times the lunch Sarah eats on Friday afternoon is her last meal until she returns to school on Monday morning – 68 hours without consistent nutrition that Sarah needs to be healthy and happy.

When Sarah comes to school on Monday hungry she is more prone to behavioral outbursts – because she is simply hungry.  Research shows that she may also test 17% lower in math skills.  She will be sick more often, and take longer to recover because of her poor nutrition.

Over 50% of students in Brevard County are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program at school.  This statistic is important because this is the key indicator for hunger and poverty in a geographic area.

The Children’s Hunger Project started with a dream and a goal. Beginning with one school and a handful of students in 2010, we have served Brevard County children with weekend backpack meals without missing a single school week, even during hurricanes. Thanks to many volunteers, businesses, faith organizations and supporters, we now serve 2,200 children in 46 schools.  Your support can create a level playing field when it comes to success, not only in school, but in a child’s life.

It costs $190 to feed a hungry child every weekend of the school year – just $16/month. For those who can make a significant impact, consider joining the Children’s Circle of Hope Society.  This society is open to anyone contributing $1,000 or more annually.  Contributions can be set up on a recurring basis of $84 per month. Please consider making a tax deductible gift to help us fight hunger in Brevard.  You can make your gift online or through the mail.

Also, please consider leaving The Children’s Hunger Project in your estate plans. Consult a professional for details, and leave a lasting legacy of fighting hunger in our community.

Your support will truly make a difference in lives of children like Sarah. Thank you for your generosity.