Faith Community InvolvementMany children are going home with meals in their backpacks for the weekend because of our faith community. Full bellies help young brains work better, and with the help of local churches, temples and their congregations, kids at risk of hunger go back to school on Mondays with one less challenge. Local churches pack meals, raise funds, and some even take responsibility for their delivery to the schools!

We will be adding to this list (in alphabetical order), and want to share our deepest appreciation for the good works of the faith community for all they have done, and continue to do.

Ascension Catholic Church has a mission of mercy and love. It’s these foundational words that provide nourishment in the form of weekend meals for kids at risk of hunger in Brevard. They support 111 children at both Creel and Croton Elementary Schools. The students they’ve adopted through supporting TCHP get a better start at learning on Monday mornings. Thanks so much to Ascension Catholic Church for your ongoing support on behalf of TCHP kids!

First Baptist Church Mims provides regular support to students at risk of hunger at Mims and Pinewood Elementary. 100 children get to go home on Friday afternoons with meals in their backpacks! On their website, they say “One of the best things about being a part of a church family is that you don’t have to do life alone.” They extend that family love by adopting local kids at Mims and Pinewood through TCHP. Many thanks to First Baptist Church Mims and their congregation.

Georgianna Church has a mission to be a beacon of light for all people. Feeding 165 children each year at Cambridge Elementary truly puts lightness in the steps of children on Friday afternoons, knowing that they at least have food to sustain them through the weekend. This is a church where everyone “walks the walk” of faith and embracing every human being. Pastor Corky Calhoun is a regular speaker on behalf of the work that we do, and feels that if every church would get involved, we could end the problem of child hunger in Brevard.

Pastor Jody Noble at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Titusville recently presented a check to TCHP Executive Director Cheryl Cominsky to support students at risk of weekend hunger at Coquina Elementary. This is not the first time they have contributed to our kids’ well-being, and the congregation also joyfully participated in a recent packing event. Shout out to St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church members and volunteers who have a special place in their hearts for supporting the youngest in their local community.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Titusville has been an ongoing supporter of TCHP, and the sustenance they provide to 50 children each year at Coquina Elementary goes beyond weekend meals provided. Trinity Lutheran Church initials are “TLC” which also means tender loving care. Each year children at risk of hunger at Coquina Elementary benefit from the TLC they get from this congregation. Many thanks for consistently supporting our kids!


Visit our page for a list of faith partners who support in ways both large and small. As Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed 100 people, feed just one.” We appreciate every act of service by our local faith community that feeds Brevard’s most vulnerable children.