TECH REV PACKING DEC 2020TechRev, a champion for hungry kids, continuously provides support through donations, volunteering with friends and family to pack meals, and supporting TCHP’s mission by offering operations support. Their help and guidance has benefited not just our kids, but the entire TCHP team through their knowledge and assistance.

After TechRev President, Michael Ballard, toured TCHP’s facility, he knew we wanted to commit to more than just a food packing event. Ballard inquired further and learned he could offer more hands-on assistance by joining their Board of Directors.

Naturally, he shared the desire to further the mission with his TechRev team, who quickly jumped at the opportunity. Together they have been supporting TCHP financially for over a year, and collectively support 118 children through the sponsorship program.

When it comes to packing events, Office Manager Pinki Patel says, “Participating in a volunteer activity is already very fulfilling, but getting to do that with your co-workers allows for a great bonding opportunity. Since many team members are from the Brevard area, and parents of school-aged children, this mission is relatable and hits close to home for many.”

Many thanks to TechRev for championing our cause!

Technology Revelations, Inc. (TechRev) was established in 2013 and is headquartered out of Melbourne,
proudly owned and operated by a veteran of the United States Air Force. TechRev takes great pride in hiring the best team, supporting the local community, and providing exceptional service to their customers.