Windover Oaks Apartments in Titusville made a difference today for hungry kids in Brevard. Keith Gee, TCHP Executive Director, gave a presentation about our mission during a spaghetti dinner, and attendees brought food donations in support.
Windover Oaks is allied with the Atlantic Housing Foundation whose mission is is to promote and preserve quality affordable housing and related services for families while helping residents break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives. They offer good grades rent discounts, among other programs.
Since 2006, AHF has awarded over 300 deserving young men and women academic and housing scholarships totaling over $5,000,000. In 2018, they awarded 27 housing scholarships and 53 academic scholarships spanning 33 different colleges around the country.

In total, AHF is currently providing scholarships to 80 young people from low-income families,
totalling over $700,000 yearly. Their scholarship recipients are pursuing degrees and certifications from two-year, four-year universities, technical colleges, and graduate programs. To learn more, visit